You Are Here

So the year-long “optimism in the face of ignorance” experiment ended about 3 years ago. Then I got pregnant and the blog became about that. See The Vault. The verdict: People! Ugh! Eff ’em. (i.e. this whole Trump thing, the Stanford rapist, cable companies, bathroom fear-mongering, institutionalized racism, etc.)

NOW this blog is about honesty. Being real. Being an adult (which mostly sucks). Trying to figure this whole thing out (which is fun, actually). It’s about the real person behind the Instagram filters. The crazy one. You’re not alone. I’m positively ridiculous…and so are you.

So here we are. 5d9c2b19fdcc9d03d20649852e4a32d0

It’ll be mostly PG-13 here. For the ranty, spicily-worded stuff, there’s  Room 13. A key is required for that, though. I’d say, to be safe[r], leave that alone. You’ll be fine here.

Here are some of my previous blogs.

If you want to know me, this might help. Consider yourself warned.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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