Lamenting on Lemons


Lamenting on Lemons


There is a lemon tree in our backyard.

Two, in fact.

Last year I had enough to make

A dozen jars of Lemon-Basil marmalade

And give them as gifts for Christmas.

Because when Life gives you lemons,

You make marmalade.


This year, there was supposed to be more money

So I could give more than jars,

And travel to new places.

Money to make even more of life.

But there isn’t.

And there are reasons and no reason for that.


I am looking to the lemon trees.

It’s November.

I only just noticed that there are hardly any.

Not nearly enough for marmalade

The one tree offers half a dozen acne-pocked lemons

Loosely held in leafy fingers

Threatening to toss them to the ground.

The other bore no fruit at all.

I see why Jesus cursed the fig tree.

What happens when Life won’t even give you lemons?

What do you make then?



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