Re-membering: a foreword

When I was a child, I thought grapefruit would taste like purple.

Perhaps I thought this for years,

or only once,

or not at all.

Memory is tenuous like that, all shifting colors and morphing shapes.

I can only truly know what I know now, and sometimes, not even that.

Perception is unreliable.

Yet, here we are, re-membering our lives, piecing back together who we were, how we felt, what someone else was at another time. Our memories like a picture of a picture of a picture. Each time we look at it, it changes ever so slightly. Each time we add to it who we are now.

Memory is not static; it is a living artwork.

And so… today I brush a layer of love on my memories of you, and me, and this life.

And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, it becomes more true.

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