What’s all this about?


So the year-long “optimism in the face of ignorance” experiment ended about 3 years ago. Then I got pregnant and the blog became about that. See The Vault. The verdict: People! Ugh! Eff ’em. (i.e. this whole Trump thing, the Stanford rapist, cable companies, etc.)

Now this blog is about honesty. Being real. Being an adult, which mostly sucks. It’s about the real person behind the Instagram filters. The crazy one. You’re not alone. I’m positively ridiculous…and so are you.

So here we are.

Here are some of my previous blogs.

If you want to know me, this might help. Consider yourself warned.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Original “What’s This About Post” – August 2011

I came to a life-changing realization while sitting in the CT scan waiting room at Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster, Alabama, my chaperoning duties having been escalated to ER status by a 14 year-old student with appendicitis.  The realization was simple really. It came to me in near-audible clarity.

I am not crazy.

It’s everybody else.

I wake up every day with the intention of living as normal a life as anybody else, occasional spur-of-the-moment adventures notwithstanding, yet find myself involuntarily cast in the melodramatic, hilarious, frightening, heart-wrenching, pretentious, beautifully-ridiculous lives of everyone else.

My normal response is sarcasm (it’s my first language). But I realize (okay, I’ve been told) that this can come off as negativity*.

So, in the spirit of committing a year to self-discovery and betterment (thanks a lot Elizabeth Gilbert), I’ve decided to conduct a little experiment.   Let’s see what happens when a cynic consciously chooses to be happy**.

This, right here, is one woman’s attempt at optimism in a world full of stupid people.


* Negativity? Ha! Have you seen all the idiots running around out there?  I’m just calling it like it is. sheeyit.

**spontaneous combustion?


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