You Are Here

So the year-long “optimism in the face of ignorance” experiment ended about 3 years ago. Then I got pregnant and the blog became about that. See The Vault. The verdict: People! Ugh! Eff ’em. (i.e. this whole Trump thing, the Stanford rapist, cable companies, bathroom fear-mongering, institutionalized racism, etc.) NOW this blog is about honesty. Being real.Continue reading “You Are Here”

How to have a baby in 3 hours or less – Maya’s Birth Story

Step 1 Be shocked even though you KNOW you’re 9 months pregnant and can go into labor at any time. Then rush to the hospital in a controlled panic. 10:27 pm My water breaks. I lie there for a few seconds in disbelief. But it’s unmistakable. “Babe, my water just broke.” “Are you sure?” “Umm..yes.Continue reading “How to have a baby in 3 hours or less – Maya’s Birth Story”

How to have a baby in 3 hours or less – the prologue

I had a baby in less than 3 hours. Here’s how it happened. Thursday, September 25, 2014 was my grandmother’s 89th birthday, the grandmother after whom Maya Seneva is named. The day before, I’d actually whispered a little prayer humbly asking that the baby be born on the 25th. I also prayed for a volunteerContinue reading “How to have a baby in 3 hours or less – the prologue”

How to Appreciate New Mom-ness or “Dear Damn Baby”

I’ve had precious little time to write about my experiences as a new mom. That’s because time to myself, moments to write, are few and far between. Maya is almost 6 weeks old. Her schedule is not regular yet. I don’t really know how long she’ll be awake, or how long she will sleep. IContinue reading “How to Appreciate New Mom-ness or “Dear Damn Baby””

My pretty parasite

I’m supposed to be blogging about my pregnancy. Posting progression pics. Describing new symptoms. Cravings. But somehow, I can hardly bring myself to do it. It’s all been said already. Hasn’t it? I’m not the first woman to be pregnant, and I damn sure won’t be the last. Because, sex. Yeah, but all pregnancies areContinue reading “My pretty parasite”